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Please call 1-844-BPHhelp for more information about GreenLight™ Laser Therapy

It is important to note that only a qualified Health Care Professional member can determine whether you may be a candidate for this treatment.

Information you provide will be shared with the physician or medical staff of a medical practice that performs laser therapy using the GreenLight laser system, in the event that you choose to proceed.  

All or some of that information may be provided to American Medical Systems, the manufacturer of the GreenLight laser system, but it will not identify you by name. Except as noted above, neither us nor AMS will share your information with anyone else without your permission unless required by law.  You may request changes to this information or removal of it from the database at any time.

Please discuss any health concerns you may have with your doctor. All surgical treatments, including laser therapy for BPH, have inherent and associated risks.  You should speak with your doctor about associated benefits and risks before proceeding.